Dr. James R. Miller


Body Contouring

Body Contouring is a general term used to describe surgical procedures that remove excess skin and fat from the body to achieve a more natural and esthetically pleasing shape. Body contouring encompasses a wide variety of different procedures, such as liposuction, abdominoplasty and thigh /body lift after weight loss.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation enlarges a woman's breast by surgical placement of implants. In general, it is a cosmetic procedure strictly performed to fulfill your personal desire for fuller breasts or to restore breast volume lost after weight reduction or pregnancy.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Breast sagging is a common problem following pregnancy,weight loss or with aging. Breast skin becomes stretched and loose and is often associated with a loss of breast volumn. Breast lift, or mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that repositions the nipple and areola as well as breast tissue to a more natural position. Excess skin is removed from beneath the breast and, if the remaining breast tissue is inadequate, a breast augmentation could be considered.

Breast Reduction

If you have large breasts that limit your physical activity and cause pain, breast reduction may be right for you. Breast reduction surgery removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue and skin to alleviate the discomfort associated with overly large breasts. In general, breast reduction surgery will not only correct physical symptoms associated with large breast, but can also enhance a woman's body image and self confidence.

Breast Reconstruction: (following mastectomy)

Dr. Miller will take the time to carefully explain your breast reconstruction surgery and you will receive instructions that may also address pre-surgical considerations such as diagnostic testing and medications as well as what to expect post-operatively. The surgical techniques involved in a breast reconstruction are performed in a hospital setting and may include an overnight stay.

Following flap techniques and/or the insertion of expander implants, gauze or bandages will be applied to your incisions. An elastic bandage or support bra will minimize swelling and support the reconstructed breast. You will also be instructed on how to care for the surgical site and medications to apply or take orally that aid in healing or to prevent potential for infection. Follow up instructions will be given as well.


If you are bothered by upper eyelids with drooping skin that makes you appear sad or angry, or by eyes that look tired due to puffiness or bags, then cosmetic eyelid surgery may be right for you. In general, eyelid surgery corrects the excess skin, tissue and fat that contribute to puffiness and bags in both the upper and lower eyelids, revealing a more youthful and energetic appearance. Also some blepharoplasty surgeries may be covered by insurance.


Excess skin of the upper arm can result from significant weight loss and aging. A brachioplasty, or arm lift procedure, surgically removes excess skin and fat to reshape the underarm and elbow areas. Incisions are placed on the inside of the arm and may extend into the armpit and lateral chest. The result of the procedure is a more toned and proportioned shape of the arm.


A traditional facelift restores the mid face, jowls and neck allowing excess skin to be removed. Procedures which may further enhance your outcomes may include: facial implants or resurfacing techniques to improve tone and texture of facial skin. Wrinkle reduction by injection (Botox) may also be recommended prior to your procedure to aid in muscle relaxation before repositioning and tightening or after to help maintain results.


Also called lipoplasty or suction lipectomy, liposuction is the surgical removal of localized or regional excess fatty tissue. There are three variations to this procedure.

  • Traditional liposuction - defined as surgical suctioning of excess fat deposits.
  • The tumescent or super-wet technique that requires an infusion of saline solution with added adrenaline and possibly anesthetic prior to removal of excess fat.
  • Ultrasound - assisted lipoplasty or UAL, where ultrasonic energy is used to liquefy excess fat prior to surgical suctioning.

Rhinoplasty/Nose Surgery

A cosmetic procedure to improve the appearance of the nose. When nose surgery is performed to improve breathing function, the cause is most commonly an obstructed airway. This procedure, whether performed alone or in conjunction with cosmetic surgery of the nose, is considered reconstructive and may be covered by insurance.


Prominent ears for a child or adult may effect self esteem and be socially distressing. Prominent ears can be corrected by a surgical procedure called an otoplasty. Incisions are placed behind the ears within natural creases. The cartilage structure of the ear is reshaped and the ear is repositioned for a more natural shape and appearance. Otoplasty is also done to correct deformaties caused by injury or previous surgeries.

Chin Augmentationn (Genioplasty)

Chin augmentation, also known as genioplasty, is the surgical procedure to strengthen the appearance of a receding or retruding chin. This is done using an implant or by moving the chin bone forward, thus improving chin projection and width resulting in a better balance of facial features and facial profile. Chin augmentation may be done in conjunction with other facial procedures, such as facelift or rhinoplasty.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

This surgical procedure is used to correct  protruding or loose, sagging abdomen. Areas to be treated may include the center of the abdomen or may extend to the entire area between the lower rib cage and pubic bone, as well as to the sides and back. Abdominal muscles that have weakened or separated, a condition called diastasis, can also be corrected with a tummy tuck. A consultation with Dr. Miller is the first step to learn how abdominal surgery, or tummy tuck, can improve your body image and abdominal contour.